Self-checkout solution success at Dalvik Fish Festival with Samkaup

In the far north of Iceland, the Dalvik Fish Festival is a must-see event. It draws crowds of 20,000 people who come to sample the large array of free fish provided, along with activities, entertainment, a big concert and a grand finale with huge fireworks. All this to enjoy with the backdrop of the amazing scenery around Dalvik  

Stepping into the limelight, Samkaup, our valued client, and their innovative self-checkout solution, took center stage. Samkaup’s creative thinking created a chance to lend support to the local Dalvik store, Kjorbudin, during the festival’s bustling days.  

Lobyco stepped forward too, rallying a dedicated team that embarked on a journey to Dalvik. Together with Samkaup, our joint forces orchestrated the setup and fine-tuned the physical infrastructure to ensure seamless operations in the midst of the festival. 

With the bustling aisles of the store building we were thrilled to see we could mitigate long queues with the new easy self-checkout which streamlined the shopping experience for festival-goers in stores. 

Experience Dalvik’s Thriving Festival, watch the Video below: 

The experience speaks for itself as over the 3 key days of the festival we saw a Sunday peak of 28% of transactions going through the self checkouts  

The thread that runs through the success is teamwork. This exciting Proof of Concept demonstrates the power of partnership and shared vision.

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