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Grow your share of wallet and unlock new revenue streams with engaging customer experiences designed to build loyalty. 

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Our Platform

For Retailers by Retailers

Our platform enables retailers to build a digital ecosystem that increases consumer loyalty, drives traffic to stores and increases share of wallet. 

Our Solutions

Award-winning loyalty technology

Create fun and frictionless shopping experiences that engage consumers at home, on the move, and in the store. Below you'll find a selection of our most popular solutions.

Reward consumers in real time.
Unlike discounts, a real-time bonus boosts loyalty, as consumers revisit the store to burn their bonus. 

Remove friction and engage younger consumers.
On average, customers spend 12% more after trying Scan & Pay. It also attracts an audience 9 years younger than other app users.

Transition from mass promotions to targeted promotions.
Consumers purchase 40% of activated offers, and they spend 20% more in weeks they activate a personalised offer.

Drive players to the app and winners to the store.
48% of winners pick up their prize, and players spend 9% more in weeks they win a game.

Take part in the subscription economy and increase your share of wallet.
Consumers spend 21% more per month after creating a pre-paid groceries account.

Real-time bonus app illustration

How We Add Value

Triple-win solutions

Our solutions create value for consumers, retailers, and advertisers.


A digital ecosystem centred around mobile removes friction and makes shopping experiences personal and fun.


Boost loyalty and share of wallet. Customers spend 14% more per month after becoming engaged app users.


Reach attractive app users by using valuable data and marketing tactics to drive engagement & awareness.

Take loyalty to the next level

Engage consumers in your digital ecosystem and drive them to your store


app downloads in 2022


increase in monthly spend after a customer uses our app for the first time


of app users continue to use our app the month after

14 years

average age difference between app users & other members

Our Success Stories

Millions of people use our solutions

Our clients deliver exceptional results

Profi case app App Store

Profi Romania

We supports Profi’s exciting growth journey.

In just 5 months, 1 million consumers downloaded the app.

Coop Denmark app appstore

Coop Denmark

Coop transformed their membership program and became a digital frontrunner in 2016.

Today, almost 1 in 5 adults use the app in a month.

Samkaup app appstore

Samkaup Iceland

Samkaup launched their successful app in 2021.

In just 3 months, 40% of member transactions were completed through the app.


What our clients say

Consumers are growing digital at a fast rate and Profi is getting ready to seize this opportunity. In its plans to create a digital ecosystem that may drive more customers to its stores, the network is happy to have joined efforts with Lobyco and acknowledges the progress made so far. 

Pawel Musial

CEO, Profi

Reaching our customers through a digital platform has been a game changer for us. Having access to experienced specialists and forward thinking retailers who have been on the same journey years back, has been a maior advantage. 

Gísli Tryggvi Gíslason

Director of Digital, Samkaup

We launched the Profi app (#1 in App Store) to get closer to our customers, offering them personal and relevant services and products – anywhere, anytime.

Gabriela Sirbu

Digital Marketing Director, Profi

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