Loyalty Subscription

Increase your share-of-wallet while gaining more loyalty from your customers. It's more than a prepaid account - we call it Loyalty Subscription.

Loyalty Payments

How it works

Imagine you could convince your customers to spend all of their food budget in your stores. In return the customer would get much more than just milk and bread in the basket when shopping. Extra bonus, free TV & music streaming or even a gift certificate for gasoline are just some examples of the benefits the customer gets from being loyal to you.

Loyalty Subscription is a feature that enables automatic monthly transfer of money to an account accessed through the app. The account is used to do purchases in your stores – online and physical. When having an automatic transfer, the customer gains access to a wide range of special benefits. The more money a customer chooses to transfer, the more benefits will be available.

The goal is to increase the share of wallet and not increase customers private food budget. So far our experience tells us it works. Have a look at the numbers and judge for yourself.

Rewarding loyalty with great benefits

Incremental access to business partner services: movie streaming, e-books, music streaming, events vouchers and coupons, gasoline and car wash or whatever suits your program.

Increased purchase bonus on specific product groups and product metrics: ex. organic and local products, store brands and others products. Bonus can be used to purchase new groceries within the same digital ecosystem.

Free delivery on online grocery shopping – always and with no minimum spending limits.

Work great with following features

Real time bonus

Scan & Pay

Feed & Push


Loyalty Subscription customers increases share of wallet by over 25%.


The amount that an average Loyalty Subscription customer transfers each month is index 122 compared a regular Coop member.


Loyalty Subscription customers have increased their basket of private label products by over 10%.

Driving real impact for end users

  • Receive increased bonus on specific products and brands.
  • Gain access to attractive partner benefits.
  • Control over food budget
  • Free credit for grocery shopping.

Driving real impact for retailers

  • Increased overall loyalty by Loyalty Subscription customers
  • Increased share of wallet by Loyalty Subscription customers
  • Increased spending on specific product groups by Loyalty Subscription customers.


  • All product metrics for purchase bonus can be customized based on the input data your company is able to provide.
  • All partner benefits can be customized to fit local trends and needs.


Technical Options

  • Solution can be delivered with or without e-money service. If delivered without e-money service an alternative emoney service is required.
  • E-money service can be delivered with or without bank license. If delivered without banklicens an alternative bank license is required.