Loyalty Payments

Increase convenience and create loyalty amongst customers with frictionless check out and payment.

Scan & Pay

Frictionless and cost-saving shopping solution

Imagine you could help your customers all the way from grocery list creation at home to frictionless shopping in your store. The Lobyco Scan & Pay solution gives you this opportunity.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments & Digital Receipts

Make shopping in your stores even easier by allowing customers to pay directly through the app with their credit card, subscription card and other mobile payment methods and create a seamless shopping experience. 

And with digital receipts, you can provide your customers with one single overview of their purchases in your stores.

Loyalty Subscription

Increase your share-of-wallet while gaining more loyalty from your customers

Imagine you could convince your customers to spend all of their food budget in your stores. In return the customer would get much more than just milk and bread in the basket when shopping. Extra bonus, free TV & music streaming or a gift certificate for gasoline are just some examples of the benefits the customer gets from being loyal to you.

Bye Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

Make life easier for your customers

High inflation accelerates the cost of living. 

Buy Now Pay Later lets consumers buy when they have to and pay when they can afford to.

Customer ratings

Give your customers a voice within your organization

What if you, in a user-friendly way, could collect customer feedback on purchases made in stores? And what if that feature in return made customers feel more empowered? Let us introduce in-app customer ratings.  

In-app customer ratings is a feature that allows your customers to rate each of their purchases made in a store. The survey is placed on each receipt a customer receives after a transaction is completed. This receipt is posted in the main feed.