Retail Media

Enables retailers to unlock opportunities to monetize the digital ecosystem and save costs with digital leaflets.

Local Communication

Local content and tailored offers in your app and on social media

More decisions and especially marketing initiatives have been centralized in retail the last many years. With this service we are giving some of that marketing power back to the store owners.

Your store managers or Team can create engaging marketing campaigns or push out offers at an individual store level, or across the whole estate.

Digital Leaflet

Increase engagement with Digital Leaflet

Consumers regularly visit the app to check the Digital Leaflet and find the best offers. 

With Digital Leaflet, retailers gain valuable marketing space, and advertisers gain a platform to reach their target groups.


Inspire consumers with Recipes and sponsored ingredients

The Recipes solution allows users to search a library of recipes, save their favorites, and add ingredients to their Shopping List or purchase them through the e-commerce functionality.

With Recipes, retailers gain a valuable platform to promote products included as ingredients.

Games and Rewards

Increase product awareness with games and rewards

Make it even more fun to shop in your stores for your customers by offering rewards, games, and gifts to your customers and by letting them collect their winnings in your store you can generate additional sales.


higher customers spend in weeks they win a game


Campaign product sales after ended game campaigns


36% of game players play every month during a year

Stamp Cards

Encourage customers to come back with Digital stamps

Get customers to come back to your stores more often by providing them with digital stamps to unlock special offers. The more they spend, the more they get in return.

Personal Offers

Offer more with personalised and tactical offers

Give your customers different selective personal offers to choose from based on purchase history. 

You can also provide them with other special tactical offers to increase their spend in your store.


higher member spend in weeks they activate personal offers


activate new personal offers on release date


of users activate at least one offer every month

Digital Vouchers

Motivate customers with Digital vouchers and increase their loyalty

Motivate your customers to increase their basket size or get them to buy specific products by promoting purchases with vouchers to a specific brand or store.