Build Loyalty & Drive Traffic to Store

The missing piece to your promotions & customer loyalty strategy.

Personal Offers

Offer more with personalised and tactical offers

Give your customers different selective personal offers to choose from based on purchase history. 

You can also provide them with other special tactical offers to increase their spend in your store.


Higher member spend in weeks they activate personal offers.


Activate new personal offers on release date.


Of users activate at least one offer every month.

Real-Time Bonus

Let customers collect and pay with bonus in real-time

Boost repeat purchases by giving your customers an instant loyalty bonus when shopping in your stores – a bonus they can burn instantly or the next time they visit one of your stores.

Instant gratification in the store provenly increases the perceived value of the reward compared to a points scheme while lowering total payouts.


higher online basket size when members pay with loyalty bonus.


of saved up loyalty bonus are used in own stores during a year.


more member bonus is burned in the week up to payday. 

Real-time bonus app illustration

Digital Vouchers

Motivate customers with Digital vouchers and increase their loyalty

Motivate your customers to increase their basket size or get them to buy specific products by promoting purchases with vouchers to a specific brand or store.

Games and Rewards

Increase product awareness with games and rewards

Make it even more fun to shop in your stores for your customers by offering rewards, games, and gifts to your customers and by letting them collect their winnings in your store you can generate additional sales.


Higher customers spend in weeks they win a game.


Campaign product sales after ended game campaigns.


Of game players play every month during a year.

Shopping Lists

Present your offers in perfect context as your customer is organizing their household shopping.

Help your users plan their shopping with a shared and synchronized household shopping list that neatly organizes items in categories to make a trip through the store as smooth as possible. Now you know what your customer plans to buy, enabling you to suggest relevant offers in the perfect context.

Stamp Cards

Encourage customers to come back with Digital stamps

Get customers to come back to your stores more often by providing them with digital stamps to unlock special offers. The more they spend, the more they get in return.

Local Communications

Local content and tailored offers in your app and on social media

More decisions and especially marketing initiatives have been centralized in retail the last many years. With this service we are giving some of that marketing power back to the store owners.

We enable your store managers or employees to easily communicate to their customers via the app, announcing local news and offers. This is done using a specific app or interface made to fit the fast pace instore. With a photo and a bit of text the content is being delivered to customers of the individual store.

CO2 Footprint

Take an active role in tackling climate change

Leverage your customers purchase data to show their individual CO2 footprint while also guiding your customers to having better climate habits when shopping.

By examining the end user purchases, both historical and in real time the LobyCo CO2 tracker is able to give the user a detailed overview of what their CO2 footprint is and how it’s distributed across 8 different food categories.The user has the possibility to drill down into each category to see how it’s distributed. The tracker works in real time and can give your customers and instant feedback on how their purchase effects the climate..