Supercharge Customer Loyalty with All-in-One Loyalty Program & Management Platform

Transform your relationship with customers and boost customer loyalty through an improved digital experience.

Modular Nature

The modular nature of our white-label platform means retailers can truly customise their experience to build a digital ecosystem that increases consumer loyalty and drives traffic to stores in a ways that suits them. Whilst we have an award winning white-label app, retailers may choose to use our services and integrate them into their existing app or loyalty platform. Anything and everything is possible.

Our infrastructure is also modular in nature, with a number of end to end solutions. All solutions are managed by Lobyco on SaaS basis and don’t require maintenance from the client side. 

Admin Website

For marketers and customer support

White-label Mobile App

For consumers

Backend services

With APIs for mobile app and administration tools

Integration Layer

To client’s infrastructure (ERP system, PIM database, POS setup etc.)

Into the Loop is our Platform Foundation

Into the Loop is the foundation of Lobyco’s services. It provides Client’s with access to the basic infrastructure of the loyalty digital ecosystem and a dedicated DevOps application maintenance team and administration tool.

Our operational dashboard provides an overview of the status of services, unified monitoring and alerts across the platform, and it is also possible to integrate the Dashboard with a Customer’s existing dashboard, for true flexibility.

Grocery Store POS System

How to establish a winning loyalty program

Value Equation of Loyalty

Looking to increase loyalty and drive sales? Lobyco partners with top grocery retailers to develop customized loyalty programs built around our white-label mobile app. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we have developed the Value Equation of Loyalty, which balances both consumer benefits (numerator) and frictions (denominator) in loyalty programs.

By focusing on maximizing benefits and minimizing frictions, we design programs that create the most value for consumers and our clients.

Click on any component to discover how we design user-friendly loyalty solutions that create value for both consumers and our grocery clients.

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White-Label App

Our award winning white-label app was built to enable retailers to engage their consumers wherever they are and increase satisfaction by providing a frictionless and interesting shopping experience.

App users are 14 years younger, visit stores more frequently, and spend more than customers who do not use the app.

Let us help you create and maintain customer engagement 
across all touchpoints in retail.

Perceived Benefits

To maximize the perceived benefits of a loyalty program, Lobyco recommends simple and intuitive bonus incentives, real-time rewards, interactive gamification, and engaging content like recipes and articles. By focusing on these components, Lobyco creates loyalty programs that benefit consumers and retail clients.

Perceived Frictions

The complexity of a loyalty program can create perceived frictions, particularly for less tech-savvy or motivated consumers, making it important to design user-friendly loyalty solutions that are simple and enjoyable for all. Overall, Lobyco prioritizes simplicity, convenience, and inclusivity in its mobile loyalty app solutions.

Points to $ Converter

To maximize the perceived benefits of a loyalty program, retailers must design bonus incentives that are easy for consumers to understand and convert to monetary value. For this reason, we recommend a 1-to-1 Points to Cash Converter or an intuitive Cash Bonus.


It is crucial to not only design simple bonus incentives but also provide them in real-time, giving consumers immediate gratification. Our user-friendly interface displays how the Real-time Bonus is instantly stored in the app’s wallet and member account, and consumers can spend it next time they shop without any hassle.

It is important to not only provide real-time rewards but also save time in both planning and transaction phases. For instance, our data-driven personalized offers and coupons eliminate the need to search for discounts, repeat mobile purchases are effortless, and our Scan & Pay solution lets consumers skip the line.

Smart POS System


Creating a successful loyalty program means making it fun and exciting for consumers. At Lobyco, we achieve this through gamification elements like scavenger hunts, competitions, and surprise rewards. By integrating leaderboards, badges, and interactive games, we create an interactive shopping experience that drives traffic to the app and the store. Fun games like wheel of fortune, slot machines, and scratch cards give users the chance to win product prizes, motivating them to use the app and redeem their rewards in-store. In fact, players spend 17% more in weeks they win a product prize.

Gamification generates media inventory for sale, providing consumers with enjoyable content, boosting retailers’ revenue, and helping suppliers effectively reach their target groups through innovative promotional activities.

Engaging Content

Engaging digital experiences boost the perceived benefits of a loyalty program. Personalized and inspiring recipes, product quizzes, communications from the local store, and relevant articles enhance the perceived benefits of a loyalty program. Our mobile loyalty app also features a consumption tracker that shows CO2 footprint and organic share, further building loyalty and engagement.


The complexity of a loyalty program can create perceived frictions for consumers, particularly for those with lower digital aptitude or motivation. For instance, requiring consumers to scan every coupon or provide their phone number or member ID at the cash register to access discounts and rewards can be confusing and frustrating. At Lobyco, we are passionate about UX design and strive to create simple and enjoyable loyalty solutions. Our solutions seamlessly integrate across platforms to make it easier for consumers to plan and purchase products.

Target Group Digital Ability

Although complexity may have less impact on perceived frictions for tech-savvy consumers, retailers often target multiple demographics, meaning it is important to design loyalty programs that are user-friendly for everyone. At Lobyco, we specialize in developing inclusive loyalty solutions that provide seamless and enjoyable shopping experiences for all, regardless of their level of tech-savviness.

Target Group Motivation

Although some motivated consumers may tolerate complexity to reach their goals, convenience and simplicity are top priorities for most – while price-sensitive consumers may spend hours searching for the best deals, most consumers are not willing to invest that much effort. Therefore, our mobile app is designed with simplicity in mind, prioritizing relevant and timely content that is easy to access and understand.