Customer Ratings

Give your customers a voice within your organization, while receiving ongoing feedback on the performance of your individual stores – customer ratings in the app.

Customers Rating

How it works

What if you, in a user-friendly way, could collect customer feedback on purchases made in stores? And what if that feature in return made customers feel more empowered? Let us introduce in-app customer ratings.  

In-app customer ratings is a feature that allows your customers to rate each of their purchases made in a store. The survey is placed on each receipt a customer receives after a transaction is completed. This receipt is posted in the main feed.  

The customer can give a simple numeric rating of a shopping experience, and written feedback can also be submitted if customers wish to elaborate on their rating. The feature further enables push-surveys that may contain questions related to Net Promoter Score (NPS) or any other type of question.   

The collected data is visualized in customizable dash boards. That allows managers to track the current performance of their store and compare themselves to other stores based on different segmentation levels.  

The goal of the written feedback is to give managers a tool to quickly deal with customer issues in the run up. This feature might possibly disclose unseen business opportunities proposed by your own customers.  

Benefits Types

Achieve ongoing customer feedback in an automized and seamless fashion.

Increase customer loyalty by Identifying and dealing with bad customer experiences immediately.

Explore potential business opportunities from the written customer ratings.

Track the performance of individual stores over time and compare the metrics of your store to others within the branch.

Driving real impact for end users

  • Get the chance to rate the stores you do grocery shopping in. 
  • Increase the overall loyalty by letting the customer’s opinion become heard. 

Driving real impact for retailers

  • Recognize bad customer experiences and take action immediately.  
  • Identify potential business opportunities from the written customer ratings.  
  • Track the performance of your store over time and compare yourself to other stores within your branch.  
  • Design and push customized survey-questions to your customers.  
  • Customize your own dashboards so that they contain your preferred segmentations. 


  • Push-survey feature can be customized to address specific questions. 
  • The frequency of the push-survey is customizable.