Shopping Lists

Present your offers in perfect context as your customer is organizing their household shopping.

How it works

Help your users plan their shopping with a shared and synchronized household shopping list that neatly organizes items in categories to make a trip through the store as smooth as possible. Now you know what your customer plans to buy, enabling you to suggest relevant offers in the perfect context.


The Coop Shopping List was the no. 1 most used digital shopping list service in Denmark in 2019. (source: YouGov user research January 2019) 

Works great with the following features

Personal Offers

Scan & Pay

Games & Gifts

Driving real impact for end users

  • Create and share a synchronized shopping list with members of your household. 
  • Easily refill your shopping list from suggested items based on previous behavior. 
  • Get offers on products you actually need.


  • Maintain, expand and learn from database of generic product expressions and categorizations, used by actual customers 
  • Categories and their order can be customized to fit your in-store layouts
  • Display offer suggestions based on any data service 

Technical Options

  • Optional tie-in to other features like catalogues, gifts, stamps and personal offers – automatically transfer activated offers and gifts directly to the shopping list to keep benefits top-of-mind.