Enable your incredible store staff in delivering local content and tailored offers in your app and on social media.

How it works

More decisions and especially marketing initiatives have been centralized in retail the last many years. With this service we are giving some of that marketing power back to the store owners.

We enable your store managers or employees to easily communicate to their customers via the app, announcing local news and offers. This is done using a specific app or interface made to fit the fast pace instore. With a photo and a bit of text the content is being delivered to customers of the individual store.

Some stores have as much as 30% of their revenue being driven through local offers.

Local communication are extensively used to do local marketing initiatives in both app and social media for overstock products with a proven effect.

Local communication is used to support the Coop local democracy and community with an easy to use platform.

Driving real impact for end users

  • Get great offers that are available in only my store in the channels I already use (Facebook, text messages, mobile app feed).
  • Get invitations for events in my local store.
  • Feel connected to a community around my local store.

Driving real impact for retailers

  • Create an effective channel to market overstock products in local stores.
  • Empower the store owners in their marketing initiatives.
  • Create a local community to create easy and compelling communication to.


  • It is possible to create templates to make it easy for store owners to communicate in a uniform way.


Technical Options

  • Solution can be delivered to fit to the app feed  with or without the white label mobile app.
  • The solution can be delivered with the possibility to connect to existing social media channels.
  • The solution can be operated directly from a mobile phone or laptop – that makes it easy to use for store owners as part of their everyday work.