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Transforming Customer Engagement

Case Study


Profi brought Lobyco on board in 2021 to develop their strategic loyalty platform ensuring they could tap into strong retail expertise in Lobyco to develop their full loyalty proposition and reap the benefits of an integrated platform to engage and keep their customers coming back. The joint teams built the roadmap to ensure we bring exciting and value-adding services to Romania shoppers, whilst delivering strong business benefits based on building real sales impact for stores.

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Case Study

Coop Denmark

The Danish retailer Coop started their transformation from an analog member organization to a digital frontrunner 5 years ago. Lobyco is the backbone of Coops digital ecosystem and enables the retailer to boost customer loyalty. Further, Lobyco not only uses gamification as a driver to increase customer penetration, it also includes the ability to create a frictionless shopping experience.

Case Study


Samkaup made the strategic decision to partner with Lobyco on digitalizing their loyalty program, and making it available through an app for all of the Icelandic population. Leveraging different digital services Samkaup sought to incentivize re-purchases in their retail stores and make the shopping experience fun and frictionless.  

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Coop started their transformation from an analog member organization and is now a digital frontrunner in the industry.

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