Lobyco and Tokmanni: An Effective Partnership

Tokmanni is a Finnish retail company founded in 1989, and headquartered in Mäntsälä.

It is one of the largest and best-known discount retail chains in Finland, with 196 physical stores currently open across the country.

Tokmanni stores offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality products. Groceries, home cleaning, personal care, clothing, tools and electrical equipment, homewares, garden ware, and home electronics are all available in-store. While Tokmanni also has an online store, allowing customers to find great deals and save money without leaving their homes.

Tokmanni’s goal is to provide the widest possible assortment of products at the lowest possible prices. They also strive to offer a shopping experience that is fast and easy, but also personal and exciting.

Lobyco has recently partnered with Tokmanni, and created a number of solutions to help them achieve these goals.

The partnership between Lobyco and Tokmanni came about after Tokmanni began searching for an app provider with a proven track record. That quickly led them to Lobyco.

Tokmanni were looking for the most ready-made solution they could find. In Lobyco they found not only that, but also a company with vast experience in retail, and a deep understanding of the customer experience, and the pain points that chains with many stores have to deal with.

According to Tokmanni, the app Lobyco provided “was really functioning perfectly straight from the start.” And “the happiest thing about launching the app was the response from the customers and all the Tokmanni people.”

What solutions did Lobyco create for Tokmanni?

Mobile App – iOS & Android

To begin with, Lobyco created a consumer-facing app for Tokmanni’s end users, compatible with both iOS and Android. The app is based on Lobyco’s existing white-label solution, but is customised to fit Tokmanni’s brand and specific goals.

App Coupons

To incentivise Tokmanni customers to continuously use the app, increase their basket size, or to buy specific products or brands, Lobyco has included the App Coupons feature. This allows Tokmanni to provide app users with exclusive offers to encourage loyalty.

Digital Leaflets

The Digital Leaflets feature was added to further increase engagement. Digital leaflets showcase product offers in the app, limiting the need for printed promotional material.

Using digital leaflets allows Tokmanni to gain valuable marketing space by working with advertisers, who gain a platform to reach their target groups. Switching from printed to digital promotions also allows Tokmanni to improve their sustainability performance.

Loyalty Member Management

Lobyco also provides Tokmanni with a loyalty member management solution. This enables Tokmanni’s end users to sign up as Tokmanni customers, edit their accounts, and see their agreements .

Tokmanni can make various Lobyco services available for end users based on their loyalty membership, while Lobyco stores all the end user data on behalf of Tokmanni. This data can be viewed on an end user level, and adjusted by Tokmanni using an administration tool. 

App Push and Feed

The App Feed feature enables feed communication in the Tokmanni app. The feed can be segmented for different end users based on their end user ID. There is also a push notification service which helps Tokmanni to engage with end users, and notify them about new campaigns, deals, and recipes.

Store Locator

Using the Store Locator feature, Tokmanni’s customers can easily find nearby Tokmanni stores from the comfort of their own homes.

Stamp Cards

Stamp Cards are another feature that will encourage Tokmanni’s customers to keep coming back. As customers spend money in-store, they will receive digital stamps which unlock special offers. The more money customers spend, the more offers they get.

Digital Receipts

One final feature Lobyco added to help increase Tokmanni’s sustainability performance is the Digital Receipt feature. Tokmanni customers will receive all receipts automatically through the app, where they can keep them stored. Saving the need to print receipts on physical paper, while making the shopping experience more efficient for Tokmanni customers.

Since launching the app, Tokmanni has been getting a lot of good feedback about how well it’s been working and how easy it has been to use.  They are also very happy to have “a whole Lobyco team behind us developing and bringing in extra new value for the customers.”

This kind of feedback couldn’t make us happier at Lobyco. We’re delighted to have such effective partnerships with amazing companies like Tokmanni.

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