About us

The method behind the magic

We specialise in helping grocery retailers connect with their customers via an integrated digital ecosystem.

For retailers by retailers

Behind Lobyco is Coop – Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailer with more than 1,200 stores across Denmark. What started as an ambitious plan for its membership program, which currently is also the second largest in Denmark, Coop has now redefined the shopping experience in their stores.

Lobyco is a proven, powerful white-label customer loyalty platform for retailers by retailers. Lobyco is the backbone of Coop’s digital ecosystem and enables the retailer to boost customer loyalty. Further, Lobyco not only uses gamification as a driver to increase customer penetration, but it also includes the ability to create a frictionless shopping experience.

Engage Customers

Coop started their transformation from an analog member organisation to a digital frontrunner more than 5 years ago. They are constantly innovating their app which caters not only for their own 1.8 million+ users, but now also to other retailers that want to increase customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases from their customers.

Boost repeat purchases

Increase purchases and basket size online and in stores.

Proven by retailers

+4 years proven track record from real retailers.

Drive traffic to stores

Increase purchases and basket size online and in stores.

Reward and engage

Keep your customers engaged with games and rewards.

Meet the team

Executive Management team

Behind Lobyco is a dedicated team with many years of experience within retail.

Jan Madsen

Chief Executive Officer

Anders Mittag

Chief Commercial Officer

Ole Buch

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Finnerup

Chief Financial Officer